Friday, July 27, 2007

Alaska Carved Whale Fossil Ivory Doll Signed Vukson

Once again I have found an unusual Cultural Treasure ~ A work of art that has opened up a world of information. I am attracted to the unusual and this time I feel I have rescued a treasure. I am happy to pass on what little info I have been able to uncover.

When you first touch this treasure you are not quite sure what it is made of. Yet it is easy to see this artist has used his raw material well. The holes in the bone provide a sense of movement, the wind at his back... His head moves from side to side.

Simple and complex at the same time. I had so many questions. What was he made of? How did the artist make his head turn? What type of fur is he trimmed in? What should be in his hands.

I started out with just the name Vukson and Alaska. My first search turned up the a May 13, 2006, Salt Lake City news article on Click here to read it. I was amazed to learn that mammoth remains even existed outside of museums. But I learned the artist's full name: George Vukson.

I could only find one online gallery with examples of this artist's work: There are examples of dolls on this site. Our treasure is missing his implements. He is most likely an Eskimo Hunter without a spear, but each of his hands have small holes on the top. Perhaps it is just the bone, yet I'm not sure.

To learn more about the types of materials commonly used in Inuit carvings Click here

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