Saturday, May 05, 2007

eBay's New Feedback 2.0 - Are You a Star?

I’m a small time 100% positive seller on the Bay. I’ve been around for awhile. It’s been said that the new feedback system is unfair, confusing and an invasion of privacy. All of these facts are true. The new format does expose information about all users, buyers and sellers. Anonymity has always played a role on the internet especially in buying habits. What you buy, tells the world about who you are and may imply information you would not voluntarily tell strangers. Do you purchase Designer Clothing, jewelry, expensive cars, what books you read, your taste in music, the things you collect and cherish. So as a Buyer the new system bothers me. I enjoyed the illusion of privacy the old system provided.

As a Seller I decided to take a second look at my own feedback, What does it say about me? . My feedback shows that in addition to purchasing packing supplies and educational/business materials, I sell household items at reasonable prices. Overall, Buyers are satisfied and positive about the buyer experience in my store and sellers are positive that I am a reputable buyer who pays on time, etc. At first, I was unhappy that prices were shown on the page as it an invasion, but then I realized it tells buyers there are some deals to be had in my store. I do not have stars yet, but I am not expecting perfect scores. Perfection is a goal that is rarely obtainable.

Before spreading doom and gloom perhaps we should let the dust settle. Remember the old days? Here is a link to the 1996 Founder's Note on feedback. I guess the new system is the result of the never ending wheels of progress. Ebay fixing the parts that are not broken and breaking the parts that need fixing.